The BOD®

Cold Brew Coffee.

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The BOD®

Cold Brew Coffee.

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Why "The BOD"?

The BOD® was built to simplify the cold brew coffee process, from start to finish. Compact, Modular, Portable, Spill Proof, Shatter Proof, and Dishwasher safe.

The Coffee Maker For Your Active, Healthy Lifestyle.

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The BOD System makes coffee that’s naturally low in Cafestol, a potent cholesterol-elevating compound.


The BOD System makes coffee that’s naturally low in acids. Resulting in coffee that's significantly easier on your stomach.


The BOD System makes coffee that’s naturally low in tannic acid. Potentially resulting in less teeth staining and acid wear.

Is Your Coffee Maker Hurting Your Health?

Cholesterol Problems? Burning Stomach? Acid Wear & Stained Teeth?

Find out what coffee brewing methods could be hurting your health.
Learn how the BOD® System could change your coffee lifestyle.

French press (Cold Brew)

French Press (Cold Brew)

6x more
679% More Cafestol
69% more
68.9% More Tannic Acid
Single Serve

Single Serve

51x more
5,177% More


76x more
7,621% More Cafestol
8x more
851% More Tannic Acid

Check out our Health page to discover more about what science says about many popular coffee brewing methods.

(You might just be surprised!)

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Economic Efficiency

The BOD® makes a smooth & delicious super-concentrated coffee extract perfect for hot and iced drinks on demand. The extract stores fresh in the refrigerator for up to two weeks! With our Re-Brew functionality, you can easily brew a second batch of coffee from one set of coffee grounds.

(Which means you'll save money!)

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Coffee Strength

Like it stronger? Brew it longer. If you like it strong, try our "72 hour" brew time for a super strong coffee extract. Further control the strength of your coffee drinks by experimenting with the amount of extract used.

Make Gourmet
Coffee Drinks Instantly

Nothing is faster than a ready to use coffee extract for hot or iced coffee drinks on demand. Use the extract to make virtually any gourmet hot or iced coffee drinks, cocktails and desserts.
(You can microwave it too!)

Save Money while
Eliminating Additives

Pay less than your local coffee shop or store by making it fresh at home for just pennies per serving. On top of that, eliminate the excess calories, chemicals, preservatives, and even GMO's.

Thirsty For More?
Check Out The BodyBrew Blog!

Discover the history, culture, health benefits, cost savings & convenience of cold brew coffee. (We also have some free delicious & easy recipes too!)

<h2>Extra Coarse Ground Coffee<br>

Extra Coarse Ground Coffee

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The BOD® <span></span> Cold Brew Coffee <span></span> System
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The BOD® Cold Brew Coffee System

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