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What Is Your Refund Policy?

If for any reason you’re not completely satisfied within the first 30 days of purchase, we will gladly refund your money including Free Return Shipping in the Continental USA. International orders, including Hawaii/Alaska/Puerto Rico are not eligible for Free Return Shipping. Free Return Shipping is available in the continental USA only. Refunds will not be allowed 30 days after the date of purchase. Please see Terms for more information.

What Is The BOD™ Made Out Of?

We chose the highest quality materials to make the BOD™. We partnered with Eastman® and use their cutting edge, co-polyester material called Tritan™. Tritan™ is dishwasher durable, stain resistant and is BPA, BPS, PVC and PHTHALATE free. Extensive third party testing by Eastman® shows NO estrogenic and NO androgenic activity. The filter is made from stainless steel. 

Why Not Just Use a French Press or DIY Cold Brew Methods?

A mason jar is not designed or optimized for cold brewing or portability and it’s messy. It also won't extract as well. It’s also possible to cold brew coffee with a French press. But, it won't make very much extract and if you’re concerned about your cholesterol, you should be aware that cold brewing with a French press also has high levels of Diterpenes, (Cafestol and Kahweol). We believe this is due to ‘pressing’, (not heat). Our cold brew method showed significantly lower levels of Cafestol compared to the French press cold water method. Turns out, brew methods really do matter!

Do You Use Recycled Materials?

While Tritan™ is recyclable at the end of your BOD’s life cycle, it is not made from post-consumer plastics. Most recycled materials come from old milk jugs and water bottles and do not meet our stringent standards for product quality and durability.

Is The BOD Being Made In The USA?

We made extensive efforts to get the BOD™ made in the USA, but after spending 6 months talking to 9 suppliers, we finally gave up on the idea. Some suppliers did not even get back to us with quotes, and others either did not meet our strict quality standards, or were priced way too high, some costing twice as much as other options. We finally found an overseas manufacturer with excellent quality standards and reasonable pricing, which allows us to deliver a top quality product at a good price.

How Much Does The BOD Weigh and What Are The Dimensions?

The BOD™ weighs 3 lbs. and measures 12.5″ tall with a diameter of 6.3″.

How Do I Get Help Or Support?

Send us an email at and someone from our team will get back to you.

Should I Brew In The Refrigerator?

NO!  For the best extraction and flavor you should brew only at room temperature. We've noticed that some of our competitors show their cold brew machines in the refrigerator or brewing with ice. This will only slow down the extraction process and produce a less flavorful coffee extract and you don't want that! After brewing at room temperature, store the super concentrated coffee extract in the fridge for a fresh cup of hot or iced coffee anytime. 

How Strong Is The Coffee?

As strong as you want it to be. The BOD™ makes a coffee extract that gets stronger the longer you brew it. If you like stronger coffee, brew it longer, 18 hours or more. After brewing you can customize each cup, to taste. Adjust the extract to water ratio for the perfect cup of coffee. Most people brew between 18-24 hours. Because you brew at room temperature for optimal extraction, we don't recommend brewing for longer than 72 hours.

How Many Cups of Coffee Will My BOD™ Make Per Pound Of Grounds?

Assuming you use the recommended 2 oz. of coffee extract per serving, you will get 24 eight ounce cups per pound. If you Re-Brew, you’ll get an additional 6 cups per pound. That’s 30 cups of coffee per pound of grounds! If you pay $10.00 per pound for coffee, this comes to just .33 cents per serving!

Can I Re-Brew The Coffee Grounds A Second Time?

Yes, and it's smooth and bold with great flavor! Just dilute with water to taste. While not as flavorful, you can even brew the grounds a third time! We call it Three-Brew. The BOD™ system was built with Re-Brewing and Three-Brewing in mind and makes the process easy. Forget about Re-Brewing with a hot brew machine, it's totally undrinkable, and it won't work at all with a drip cold brew coffee maker. The BOD™ makes re-brewing easy and stretches your coffee dollar.

What Type of Grind and Roast Can Be Used?

For optimal flavor and extraction we recommend a dark roast and an "extra coarse" cold brew grind, which is coarser than a French Press grind.

How Long Will The Coffee Extract Stay Fresh In The Refrigerator?

You can store you’re the cold brew coffee extract for up to 2 weeks. For optimal flavor and freshness, 1-2 weeks is best.

Why Does My Extract Chamber Overflow After Brewing & Flipping It Over?

If you are using the system correctly this is impossible. However if the extract chamber overflows after flipping there can only be one reason for it. You didn't add enough ground coffee to the filter!  We’ve tested the BOD hundreds of times and built every component to be the exact perfect size, making it impossible for overflowing to occur.  

Keep in mind that you must use approximately 8 oz. of coffee by weight NOT by volume for each brew cycle. If you were to use 8 oz. of coffee by volume, (using a measuring cup and not weighing it out), you won’t even fill up half of the filter which means the water added to coffee is not in the proper ratio and in turn will cause overflowing. Just make sure that you fill the filter almost full, or about ½ inch to ¾ of an inch below the top.  When you do that, it’s impossible for overflowing to occur and your taste buds will thank you for doing it right!

Can I Use The BOD To Brew Tea?

Yes, just add 1/6 pound of loose tea (herbal tea also) into the stainless filter and fill brew chamber with cold water. Cold brew for 12 hours, flip the BOD System over to drain and pour into the Extract Chamber for storage. When you want to make a glass of tea, hot or cold, just add 2 oz. of tea concentrate to 7 oz. of water to taste.

It Appears That My System Has Been Opened Previously Or Tampered With

We occasionally open packages before sending them out to our customers to inspect them for defects and depending on what system a customer chooses, Experience, Explorer, or Expert, we also need to open packages to add accessories. These are the only two occasions we open packages before shipping, and we never ship a product that has been previously used or re-furbished. We guarantee that all of our systems are brand new and have never been used.

My Custom Timer Won't Come On What Am I Doing Wrong?

We occasionally hear back from a customer telling us the timer won't work, but most of the time we find that it's simply that you're just not holding the button down long enough. Hold the on button down (around 5-7 seconds) until it comes on, until it flashes 00. Then tap the button once and from there it will count up in 1 hour increments.  Please check out page 17 of the User’s Guide for further details.

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