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Now that you found the Ultimate Cold Brew Coffee System, why not pair it with the ultimate cold extraction coffee blend? Finding coffee for cold extraction that tastes good is easy, but finding amazing tasting coffee for cold extraction…not so easy.

We tested dozens of beans, and blends before landing on our signature BODACIOUS™ cold brew blend. It’s ridiculously delicious, and your taste buds are going to love it! If for some reason they don’t, send it back for a refund and we’ll drink it for you!

The BOD™ system was built to make cold brewing convenient and easy, and when you use the BODACIOUS™ blend there's NO grinding and NO measuring, making the cold brew process almost effortless.

bodacious (boh-dey-shuh s).
From the English dialect; a blend of bold + audacious. Outstanding, excellent, impressive, sexy.
AKA: Ridiculously delicious coffee. Customized for cold brewing.

Each 8 oz. bag of BODACIOUS™ organic coffee is ground "Extra Coarse", that's ideal for cold brewing, and allows for 1 complete brew cycle (8-12 servings) with the BOD® system. Cold brewing just got easier and more delicious!
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