About Us


As much as we love the taste of cold brewed coffee, we also love the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle,since that is our true passion next to coffee. We believe your coffee should not only taste amazing, but be as healthy as possible, that's why we created BodyBrew.

We have been making, drinking, and experimenting with cold brewed coffee for over 10 years and in the middle of our journey to build the ultimate cold brew coffee maker, we learned of some studies being conducted by Harvard, and Johns Hopkins that showed French Press and Espresso were high in one of the most potent cholesterol elevating compounds known called Cafestol. This made us very curious, so we decided to conduct our own third party lab tests and discovered that French Press and Espresso had dramatically higher levels of Cafestol than our cold brew extraction method.

We were pumped to be the first coffee company to document this very important health discovery since cold brewed coffee had previously only been linked with lower levels of acids. With the new information we became even more obsessed with cold brewing and wanted to share it with the world! Our name BodyBrew, is perfectly aligned with this new discovery and also personifies our ongoing quest for healthy living.

We're also quality fanatics and designed BodyBrew products with these three principles in mind; great design, great function and great value. And yes, we use our products every day ourselves. We know your life is complicated enough, your coffee maker shouldn't be.

The BodyBrew team has over 20 years of combined experience with a singular focus of cold brew coffee innovation. Over the past 10 years we've developed 11 patents around cold brewing (and counting) so we're serious about making cold brew coffee better, easier, and more efficient.

Our team is small, but our goals for spreading the cold brew message is large. We think you’ll love our products, if you do, let us know!