BOD® Cold Brew System - BodyBrew

BOD® Cold Brew System

$79.00 $89.00

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Bodacious House Blend BodyBrew® Coffee - BodyBrew

BodyBrew® Coffee


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Custom Count Up Timer - BodyBrew

Custom Count Up Timer

What's Your Brew Number?  Know exactly how many hours you've been brewing, no more guessing. Find your brew number and personalize the strength of your coffee extract. Magnetized to fit on the BOD blue X brand port.


Flight Flask - BodyBrew

Flight Flask

Take 3.4 oz. (1-2 servings) of super concentrated coffee extract right through airport security. Say goodbye to bad airplane coffee and enjoy delicious cold brew on your next flight with the flight flask.


BOD® Re-Brew Chamber - BodyBrew

BOD® Re-Brew Chamber

If you RE-BREW, having a spare extract chamber is a must! With our 24 oz. RE-BREW branded extract chamber, the next time you open the fridge, you'll see at a glance, which is extract, and which is RE-BREW.


Road Flask - BodyBrew

Road Flask

Take 6 oz. (2-3 servings) of super concentrated coffee extract on the road, even if that's just to the office. Enjoy delicious cold brew coffee anytime, anywhere with the convenient road flask.