Cold Brew Low Acid Coffee That’s Stomach-Friendly

Cold Brew Low Acid Coffee That’s Stomach-Friendly

Coffee, a morning ritual and for many of us an anytime pleasure. But, if you’ve ever experienced the uncomfortable side effect of heartburn or a churning, burning stomach after having even just one cup was the pleasure worth the pain? To be fair, it’s not really coffee’s fault. High heat and fast brewing is what really increases the amount of acid in coffee and keeps caffeine levels high too. Coffee contains many types of acids, some of which can cause varying amounts of gastrointestinal discomfort to its fans. Often people are told to give up coffee, and other highly acidic foods...


Low Acid Coffee Naturally, Your Teeth Will Thank You

We’ve all seen the movie about the cheeky British spy with bad teeth. Sure he’s hilarious but if your teeth looked like that it would be no laughing matter. And if they did you could just get them whitened right? For coffee lover’s, teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution, but it’s own set of problems if overdone. Frequent tooth whitening can cause issues ranging from tooth sensitivity and discoloration, leaving teeth looking grey or bluish in color, to actual tissue damage, which can require more drastic dental procedures to include root canals. Here’s more info on some of the problems...