Super Concentrated Coffee Extract Makes HOT or ICED Coffee Drinks In Seconds

Super Concentrated Coffee Extract Makes HOT or ICED Coffee Drinks In Seconds

Let’s be honest, cold brew coffee does take time to make (12-72 hours depending on how strong you like it) but it’s an easy adjustment to fit into any lifestyle. I prefer a 24 hour brew cycle, so when I’m drinking my last serving I start our next brew cycle, which is really nothing more than adding grounds to the filter, adding water and letting it sit on the counter until the next morning. All in all, about 60 seconds of preparation. The next morning I have 12 days of coffee (if I don’t share) that I can use to make instant hot or iced coffee whenever I want a cup.

The extract is easy and convenient to use, stores in the refrigerator, and can go anywhere I go in one of the accessory pieces that the BOD includes. All I need is hot or cold water or milk and I’ve got delicious hot or iced coffee, at about .49 per serving. Making cold brew at home also gives you the flexibility to try different beans, roasts, and brew times to really personalize each cup, and nothing is fresher and better tasting. Because cold brewing with the BOD produces a super-concentrated extract that needs dilution with water or milk, if you make your own cold brew at home you have the added benefit to adjust the coffee dilution ratio based on your taste (you can’t do that at the coffee house). Just brew it cold, drink it hot or iced, your choice!

One thing is for certain, cold brewed coffee is here to stay, because people love the taste. Once you have cold brew it’s hard to go back to anything else. Taste buds have quite a memory!

Bob Neace
BodyBrew CEO

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