BodyBrew Cold Extraction Coffee, A New Reason to Smile

BodyBrew Cold Extraction Coffee, A New Reason to Smile

We’ve all seen the movie about the cheeky British spy with bad teeth. Sure he’s hilarious but if your teeth looked like that it would be no laughing matter. And if they did you could just get them whitened right?

For coffee lover’s, teeth whitening is a cosmetic solution but there is a dark side to coffee, and we’re not just talking about teeth staining here. Acid wear can be a serious dental problem.

Every cup of coffee contains a substance called tannic acid. This acid, also found in tea, can stain teeth when these beverages are consumed frequently. Tannic acid is found in both caffeinated and decaffeinated coffee and tea. Over time, the tannic acid can get in the grooves of the teeth or around fillings leaving people with what dentists call “cappuccino teeth.” According to the American Dental Association tannic acid can stain teeth and erode tooth enamel.

There are a couple of solutions; you can drink coffee through a straw (careful of the really hot stuff or you’ll be making a trip to the doctor, not the dentist), or you can drink coffee that’s low in tannic acid and smile friendly.

Cold brew coffee contains far lower levels of tannic acid than drip coffee, espresso and French press. We know because we actually had coffee brewed using our cold brew extraction method lab tested against coffee brewed using a Drip maker, French press and Espresso. Drip coffee had 50% more tannic acid, French press had 56% more tannic acid and Espresso had 4175% (41X) more tannic acid than BodyBrew coffee.  

With BodyBrew coffee you can use our super-concentrated coffee extract to make a delicious cappuccino and avoid “cappuccino teeth” or worse!

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