Ancient Brew Method Goes Mainstream And Millions Say Goodbye To Burnt Bitter Coffee

Ancient Brew Method Goes Mainstream And Millions Say Goodbye To Burnt Bitter Coffee

No one likes Burnt and Bitter, but that's exactly what some coffee shops and mainstream coffee makers produce. It's become so common that many coffee drinkers have developed the really bad habit of adding empty calories like cream and sugar to mask the taste.

Millions of people have already said goodbye to burnt and bitter forever, while saying hello to smooth, rich and delicious. Enter cold brewed coffee!

Cold brewed coffee has been around for decades. This might be news to many people but I can tell you that my grandfather actually cold brewed his coffee for 40 years and that was 30 years ago. The actual origin of cold brewing is a bit unknown, but there are stories of ancient people in Central and South America brewing coffee using a cold water process.Whatever the case, this brew method is coming out of the shadows and taking center stage in the world of coffee brewing.

Cold brew coffee can be now be purchased at virtually any grocery store. From companies that bottle cold brew in stubbies, growlers, or cartons, to large corporations who sell iced coffee in cartons in the milk aisle, cold brew coffee and it’s sidekick iced coffee, (although not all iced coffee sold at the store uses a cold brew process) are now going mainstream. Heck, even Starbucks® is in the cold brew business.

The problem is buying pre-bottled cold brew or a drink at a coffee house is it's expensive gives you no choice for what beans, roasts or brew times were used, and with pre-bottled cold brew it's definitely not freshly brewed.

Cold brewing at home, once you get the hang of it (trust us,we make it super easy) gives you the flexibility to brew to your personalized taste using your favorite coffee, your preferred brew time, fresh filtered water, and you can take it to go anywhere, even on a plane (check out our Add On's page for more info on that!).

Give cold brewing a try! We bet you'll never go back to your old brew method and your taste buds and wallet will thank you.

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